I believe that there is no difference between how you show up in the pool versus how you show up in the world. Let’s work together to optimize all areas of your life.


P   R   I   V   A   T   E

SWIM COACHING : Open-Water & Pool

For you if you: are looking for a totally customized experience, or have specific needs you want to work through, let’s dive in together, one on one with coach Sarah. This package is primarily based on living in, or being available for lane rentals in the Bow Valley during the summer months open-water swim coaching is offered too. For athletes outside of this area, lane booking and organization would be the responsibility of the athlete, and prices could vary due to travel time.

$100 PER HOUR (plus lane rental)

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F   E   A   R   L   E   S   S


Let’s build a community of warriors in the pool. These sessions are weekly, for 8 week blocks, and the fee for each 8 week block is $99. All spots are first come, first serve, get in touch asap to reserve your spot with the squad or to be added to a list for the next block of 8 weeks for one of FWSS .

  • Canmore Fearless Warrior Swim Squad at Elevation Place Wednesday(s) will start up again October 2 - November 20 2019. Contact me to sign up and for further details.

  • Banff Fearless Warrior Swim Squad Friday(s) will start up again October 4 - November 29 2019 (not no swim squad Friday Oct 11 due to Thanks Giving Long weekend). Contact me for more details or to be added to email list.

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Fearless Warrior Open-water

Group Swims

Fearless Warrior Pop-Up Open-water Group Swims in the Bow Valley lakes! These group session are no cost to you, all I ask is to post your experiences on social media with photo’s of Fearless Warrior Pop-up Open water Group swims and to be committed in attending as many Sunday (5-6pm) & or Monday (6-7pm) evening session as possible, the more the merrier! How much fun would it be to swim with a group of amazing like minded swimmers, to try out different lakes within the Bow Valley, create an Open-water swim community in the Bow Valley, have fun, meet new friends, and swim with friends. Why is this called a Pop-Up Open-water swim? because every Sunday evening the location of open-water swim will be announced, all with in the Bow Valley. Please note that the Sunday evening swims will be located at Quarry Lake in Canmore every Sunday, not a pop-up swim group only Mondays. Please email me at coachsmcpherson@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the group swims and I will add you to the list and send further details.


I can’t thank you enough for your belief in me and thoughtful yet inspiring way of pushing me. The years leading into this journey were spent in a vicious cycle of self-destruction and feelings of shame. What a difference it had made spending 10 months feeling proud of myself. And what a special gift to have someone by my side who shows such enthusiasm for the sport and genuine care for those she is coaching. Thanks for always being there.