Roller Coaster Ride

This past weekend I took part in Muskoka 70.3 half Ironman, this triathlon was on my bucket list. I remember my coach telling me the bike was like a roller coaster. This is like my life currently. “Life is like a roller coaster, hold on, and be able to switch the gears at anytime”.

As I raced the bike course in Muskoka it was like no other, the ups, downs,  and corners were intense. Being able to shift smoothly, having the timing to nail the next uphill, and have the mind frame to keep going knowing there were hills around every corner for the next 94k. During a triathlon you notice how everyone takes a different approach and this goes for life too. Some like to take the hills head on and power up without holding back, some have no fear towards the speed and thrill of the unknown corner, others were in packs.....some paced well and left some in the tank for the end of the roller coaster ride.

As you may know I am currently building my coaching business, it is like a roller coaster ride just like Muskoka 70.3. Not every day is sunshine and unicorns....  being patient with yourself is something I have learned, and not rushing into things. At times those bright shiny things look so exciting.... I have days where I am emotional and wonder if I can hold on tight enough and not fly off the track, or what if I did?... but I hold on as I know this is going to be, and is an incredible ride. I need to remind myself to follow with my heart and not to think inside my head so much, wonderful things happen when I follow my heart.

Yesterday I went to Canada’s Wonderland, and this day wrapped everything up into a true metaphor... brought out the true roller coaster ride! It was a reminder of what it really feels like to be on a real roller coaster ride, and to just let loose, hold nothing back, and let all control go!  On the double loop roller coaster I just put my head back, opened my eyes, screamed, and then the smile came like I felt like a kid again, then there was a moment of never wanting to get off this roller coaster and hearing myself scream out loud “this is awesome”.  The point of this blog is to take it all in, life that is, life is like a roller coaster ride enjoy every moment, the ups, the downs, the tight corners,  loops that are upside down, and the rush of awesomeness knowing that you can do this, and being proud along the way of those moments that you held on:)


Trout Taylortriathlon