Love. Such a powerful word with so many different meanings. It is a feeling, a strong feeling. I thought I knew what love really felt like, what it looked like. I lived 13 years of my life thinking this is what true love is…

It really is all about love, life that is… In your family, career, friends, passions and more, the love of all these amazing things is what brings it all together. Seeing someone achieving a dream, persevering through the nitty gritty shit to get to the heart of things; this is love, love of what you want to be following on your life journey.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not all sunshine and fucking unicorns to get to where you want to be, or to find that love in your heart. I am learning quickly that you need to start with you and find ways to love and respect yourself, to be gentle with your heart, and if you have the pang in your heart to do something, do it! What do you have to lose?

About a year ago, I separated from my ex husband. Our connection was lost, and now that I have a better perspective, it was lost long ago. There was always something in my heart, my intuition, telling me there was something wrong. I was not happy, not living into my true self around love. But me being a person who does not like to give up, I held on for some time. I believe there was a reason for this and why it happened. I want to live a life where I am happy, loved, alive, filled with amazing memories and heart moments, have my family close to me. I craved that love and passion.

Would this be something that would happen, feel alive with love? Would I find my true sole mate? Yes, I believe in a soul mate. Looking back on the separation, I feel like it was a gift that was handed to me, a gift to restart my life. I have been given a second chance at my life.

Over a year ago, I finished my coaching certification with CTI, and to this day I feel grateful for having gone through the programming and becoming a certified Co-Active Coach. It has helped me through this past year and given me the belief and courage in myself. I got to know myself quite well during this coaching certification and I don’t know what I would have done without this experience. It taught me how to become stronger, to believe in my dreams, to be me, to truly listen to others, and it started the process of loving myself.

This newfound life, this gift I have been given, is amazing and every day I am grateful to be able to follow my dreams and not only follow but make them happen!

Ok, back to love…. That kind of love that I thought I knew… Not long after my separation, I met someone. I did not think I would have insanely strong feelings for the very first person I met…. He lived in the next town…. I remember the first date; I remember his eyes, and the conversation, the connection, I could not stop looking at him; we could not stop talking. I think the waitress interrupted us 10 times! One date led to many, many more. Then came two more amazing humans in my life who are part of this amazing man… two daughters. Wow, I do not have kids of my own, but I fell into this amazing, compassionate relationship with these two beautiful girls. They showed me how to play again to have fun with no judgement. I now not only have love for one person, it was three! I remember the night I knew I was madly in love with this amazing man, Darren. He makes me feel alive, loved and my true self.

This love that I have with Darren is the kind of love I have never felt, the kind of love I thought I would never have. My heart beats faster when I think about him, I get giddy, I can see us growing old, the connection is alive, and the passion is alive, too. To me this is true love, the kind of love that does not come around too often. For this, I am grateful everyday.

Do you feel this kind of love in your life, the love that hits you right in the heart? If you do, how are you feeling this love? Is there something in your life you are afraid of letting go of or need to tend to? Are you being true to yourself? Are you loving yourself? Are you being your brave, fearless warrior self? What are you holding back on, what are you doing to block Fearless Warrior from bringing more love into your life?

Fearless Warrior,

Sarah McPherson

Trout Taylor