Racing from Pain to Passion

Last week I was chatting with a close friend, and she passed along a quote that sits close to her, and she glances at this piece of paper that is taped to her laptop as an everyday reminder: “I am going to get there someday.”

Those words resonate with me. I have been pushing through each day with a fearless outlook, and most days are good and the fearlessness comes out in new ways. Once an awhile you get those tough days, the kind of days you feel like you are going nowhere and all your self-talk is negative, and then things just turn out shitty and negative.

This is not me; I am not a negative person. It’s hard trying to come to terms with not being my usual, positive person everyday. I believe that one day very soon, I will be back to being that person, a stronger version of that person with even more heart, and dive into my dreams full heartedly. Everyday gets better and better, and I am feeling my heart again, and following what is right in my life.

I live for my dreams, family, love, compassion and the amazing people that surround these values.

I want to fight for what and who I love and value most in life.  I am a fighter, and most of you know this. I will fight for what is right; I will fight for love, family, equality and much more. But when the day comes in one’s life, and you know you can’t fight any longer, and you have to let it go, and you know there is nothing you can do, you are defeated. But at the same time, it is freeing, freeing because you can now let go of something you were fighting for but knew inside your heart was not fixable and there was no connection, and all of the alarm signs were in front of your face but you refused to let go, because giving up is not who you are. There is also another perspective. The perspective of not wanting to fight all the time for a person in life, to have a natural flow, connection that feels real and effortless!

Maybe letting go isn’t giving up? Maybe letting go is becoming a stronger version of yourself? Letting go is starting that next chapter in your life, having a chance to start something new, a new adventure…

Each day, I have a partner, friends and family who send me little notes of gratitude and love; I have people who are brining new adventures into my life, new perspectives, who are pushing me, loving me, and never letting me give up on who I truly am inside and out. So yes, I am getting there, one day at a time living in the moment and trusting my heart, and following those amazing feelings of goodness!

The “Fearless Warrior” will fully embrace standing on the mountain top with so much love and heart, you too will want to stand with her.

“Dream Big”

Fearless Warrior

Trout Taylortriathlon