Love. Such a powerful word with so many different meanings. It is a feeling, a strong feeling. I thought I knew what love really felt like, what it looked like. I lived 13 years of my life thinking this is what true love is…

It really is all about love, life that is… In your family, career, friends, passions and more, the love of all these amazing things is what brings it all together. Seeing someone achieving a dream, persevering through the nitty gritty shit to get to the heart of things; this is love, love of what you want to be following on your life journey.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not all sunshine and fucking unicorns to get to where you want to be, or to find that love in your heart. I am learning quickly that you need to start with you and find ways to love and respect yourself, to be gentle with your heart, and if you have the pang in your heart to do something, do it! What do you have to lose?

About a year ago, I separated from my ex husband. Our connection was lost, and now that I have a better perspective, it was lost long ago. There was always something in my heart, my intuition, telling me there was something wrong. I was not happy, not living into my true self around love. But me being a person who does not like to give up, I held on for some time. I believe there was a reason for this and why it happened. I want to live a life where I am happy, loved, alive, filled with amazing memories and heart moments, have my family close to me. I craved that love and passion.

Would this be something that would happen, feel alive with love? Would I find my true sole mate? Yes, I believe in a soul mate. Looking back on the separation, I feel like it was a gift that was handed to me, a gift to restart my life. I have been given a second chance at my life.

Over a year ago, I finished my coaching certification with CTI, and to this day I feel grateful for having gone through the programming and becoming a certified Co-Active Coach. It has helped me through this past year and given me the belief and courage in myself. I got to know myself quite well during this coaching certification and I don’t know what I would have done without this experience. It taught me how to become stronger, to believe in my dreams, to be me, to truly listen to others, and it started the process of loving myself.

This newfound life, this gift I have been given, is amazing and every day I am grateful to be able to follow my dreams and not only follow but make them happen!

Ok, back to love…. That kind of love that I thought I knew… Not long after my separation, I met someone. I did not think I would have insanely strong feelings for the very first person I met…. He lived in the next town…. I remember the first date; I remember his eyes, and the conversation, the connection, I could not stop looking at him; we could not stop talking. I think the waitress interrupted us 10 times! One date led to many, many more. Then came two more amazing humans in my life who are part of this amazing man… two daughters. Wow, I do not have kids of my own, but I fell into this amazing, compassionate relationship with these two beautiful girls. They showed me how to play again to have fun with no judgement. I now not only have love for one person, it was three! I remember the night I knew I was madly in love with this amazing man, Darren. He makes me feel alive, loved and my true self.

This love that I have with Darren is the kind of love I have never felt, the kind of love I thought I would never have. My heart beats faster when I think about him, I get giddy, I can see us growing old, the connection is alive, and the passion is alive, too. To me this is true love, the kind of love that does not come around too often. For this, I am grateful everyday.

Do you feel this kind of love in your life, the love that hits you right in the heart? If you do, how are you feeling this love? Is there something in your life you are afraid of letting go of or need to tend to? Are you being true to yourself? Are you loving yourself? Are you being your brave, fearless warrior self? What are you holding back on, what are you doing to block Fearless Warrior from bringing more love into your life?

Fearless Warrior,

Sarah McPherson

Trout Taylor
Roller Coaster Ride

This past weekend I took part in Muskoka 70.3 half Ironman, this triathlon was on my bucket list. I remember my coach telling me the bike was like a roller coaster. This is like my life currently. “Life is like a roller coaster, hold on, and be able to switch the gears at anytime”.

As I raced the bike course in Muskoka it was like no other, the ups, downs,  and corners were intense. Being able to shift smoothly, having the timing to nail the next uphill, and have the mind frame to keep going knowing there were hills around every corner for the next 94k. During a triathlon you notice how everyone takes a different approach and this goes for life too. Some like to take the hills head on and power up without holding back, some have no fear towards the speed and thrill of the unknown corner, others were in packs.....some paced well and left some in the tank for the end of the roller coaster ride.

As you may know I am currently building my coaching business, it is like a roller coaster ride just like Muskoka 70.3. Not every day is sunshine and unicorns....  being patient with yourself is something I have learned, and not rushing into things. At times those bright shiny things look so exciting.... I have days where I am emotional and wonder if I can hold on tight enough and not fly off the track, or what if I did?... but I hold on as I know this is going to be, and is an incredible ride. I need to remind myself to follow with my heart and not to think inside my head so much, wonderful things happen when I follow my heart.

Yesterday I went to Canada’s Wonderland, and this day wrapped everything up into a true metaphor... brought out the true roller coaster ride! It was a reminder of what it really feels like to be on a real roller coaster ride, and to just let loose, hold nothing back, and let all control go!  On the double loop roller coaster I just put my head back, opened my eyes, screamed, and then the smile came like I felt like a kid again, then there was a moment of never wanting to get off this roller coaster and hearing myself scream out loud “this is awesome”.  The point of this blog is to take it all in, life that is, life is like a roller coaster ride enjoy every moment, the ups, the downs, the tight corners,  loops that are upside down, and the rush of awesomeness knowing that you can do this, and being proud along the way of those moments that you held on:)


Trout Taylortriathlon
Heart of Communities

There are so many different communities that surround us in life. Communities in your town or city, sports, work, education, health, family, friends, boards, entrepreneurs. What is the heart of your community? What or who do you consider your community? How do you give back to your community?

Full of heart in sport

One of the communities I find full of heart is sport. Have you ever stood in the middle of a big sporting event, like a race, prior to the start and observed others around you? It is amazing what you hear; the different emotions, the energy, are incredible. Communities of friends, new friends, or complete strangers feel very comfortable having a conversation or supporting each other through this journey. They all have a common interest, but whether it’s someone’s first race ever, or friends have come together for a cause close to their hearts, participants all have a goal and a reason that have brought them to the start line. This truly inspires me to race, to be surrounded by this community of amazing human beings.

Ever wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? Or have an idea or dream you wanted to bring to life? Maybe you feel afraid, nervous, excited for the endless possibilities, and you have ideas you’d like to bounce off others? The one thing I am learning is others want to help; they want to see you succeed. I asked people in my communities, would you be willing to support someone trying to create their dreams?

I recently started to put myself out there and share my thoughts and new ideas, my dreams. It was a bit scary but worth it. And others wanted to hear my ideas and share best practices and offer suggestion to see me succeed. I am grateful for these people in my life. I also wanted to hear their thoughts, ideas and dreams. I’ve seen an idea that came out of one small conversation turn into an action item for a group of women entrepreneurs. If you have an idea or dream in your heart, JUST DO IT! And believe in your heart.

I challenge you to put yourself out there, even if it is scary. What do you have to lose? My dream is to pay it forward to future aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone looking to share their exciting ideas and creations! How awesome would this be?!

I cherish the moments I have with my family

One community that sits very close to my heart is family. As I go through different stages of my life, and have seen the different seasons change, this season has been one that has hit close to my heart. Why? I don’t know if I am getting wiser or if I am seeing things from a different perspective, having more time and clarity to focus on what truly is important in my life. As the leaves change this season, as the leaves blow away or disintegrate, I cherish the moments I have with my family: taking the time to sit and listen, give them a hug, tell them how much they are loved, support them on the tough days and the great days, and celebrate successes no matter how small or big. This community of family brings so much love into our lives.

How can you pay this forward through heart?

Do you remember seeing someone paying it forward? Maybe you saw someone in line at the grocery store who couldn’t afford their groceries, and someone else stepped in to pay? This is community at its best, coming together to support each other. I could continue writing about other communities and my own experiences, but I challenge you to share or create courageous moments in your community. How can you bring more heart and support into your communities? How are you already doing this? How can you pay it forward through heart?

Witten by Sarah McPherson


Trout Taylortriathlon
Racing from Pain to Passion

Last week I was chatting with a close friend, and she passed along a quote that sits close to her, and she glances at this piece of paper that is taped to her laptop as an everyday reminder: “I am going to get there someday.”

Those words resonate with me. I have been pushing through each day with a fearless outlook, and most days are good and the fearlessness comes out in new ways. Once an awhile you get those tough days, the kind of days you feel like you are going nowhere and all your self-talk is negative, and then things just turn out shitty and negative.

This is not me; I am not a negative person. It’s hard trying to come to terms with not being my usual, positive person everyday. I believe that one day very soon, I will be back to being that person, a stronger version of that person with even more heart, and dive into my dreams full heartedly. Everyday gets better and better, and I am feeling my heart again, and following what is right in my life.

I live for my dreams, family, love, compassion and the amazing people that surround these values.

I want to fight for what and who I love and value most in life.  I am a fighter, and most of you know this. I will fight for what is right; I will fight for love, family, equality and much more. But when the day comes in one’s life, and you know you can’t fight any longer, and you have to let it go, and you know there is nothing you can do, you are defeated. But at the same time, it is freeing, freeing because you can now let go of something you were fighting for but knew inside your heart was not fixable and there was no connection, and all of the alarm signs were in front of your face but you refused to let go, because giving up is not who you are. There is also another perspective. The perspective of not wanting to fight all the time for a person in life, to have a natural flow, connection that feels real and effortless!

Maybe letting go isn’t giving up? Maybe letting go is becoming a stronger version of yourself? Letting go is starting that next chapter in your life, having a chance to start something new, a new adventure…

Each day, I have a partner, friends and family who send me little notes of gratitude and love; I have people who are brining new adventures into my life, new perspectives, who are pushing me, loving me, and never letting me give up on who I truly am inside and out. So yes, I am getting there, one day at a time living in the moment and trusting my heart, and following those amazing feelings of goodness!

The “Fearless Warrior” will fully embrace standing on the mountain top with so much love and heart, you too will want to stand with her.

“Dream Big”

Fearless Warrior

Trout Taylortriathlon
The Other Side of the Fence

In life, I find it interesting to see other perspectives, to be on the other side of the fence. As most of you know, I am a triathlon and life coach. Being a coach gives me so much energy inside — I thrive on seeing someone achieve a goal or dream; I love being part of the journey helping someone become their true self by igniting their dreams.

For the past 6 years, I have been competing in Ironman and half Ironman races. This past November, I got to be on the other side of the fence as a coach at an Ironman. Talk about a different perspective! I took in so much more than I had when I was racing; I was aware of each athlete’s emotion in their voice, body language, and eyes, and all the funny, quirky things we do as triathletes. I remember sitting in one spot by myself just taking in everything and wondering why I could not experience these moments the same way as an athlete? As a coach, I slowed down and was able to be in the moment. It’s truly a gift.

Every day, I strive to find something to be grateful for, but, for the purpose of this blog today, I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to watch one of my athletes, Stephen Crossland, become an Ironman. I am also thankful for the trust he put in me and the growth I experienced as a coach.

I have been coaching Stephen for six months. The progress I saw was incredible. He went from no triathlons to a half Ironman at Calgary 70.3 to an Ironman in Arizona! His determination, persistence, and dedication, his willingness to grow and learn, and his sheer desire to achieve this goal was incredible to watch as a coach.

Stephen was so committed to training, I am pretty sure he had to be kicked out of the lake at the end of the season and forced into the pool. The process of building Stephen’s swim was inspiring to watch. Seeing the support from his family was heartwarming, too. His wife Mandy joined in on many swim workouts and runs, and as a family, they all did the Winterstart run in Banff with Stephen Jr. killing it out on the run. I’d put money on it that the son, like his father, will do a triathlon soon along with his other family members.

The day of the Arizona Ironman was an epic experience. Experiencing the emotion on the other side of the fence as coach was so different, and I took in so much more from the different perspective. I even saw a man in a thong — really, how you could not remember something like that? But seriously, watching the day unfold was incredible: I saw powerful athletes, each racing for different reasons, families supporting family members with love, supporters giving athletes a boost, saying “Hey, you’re hot, will you date me?” It sure put a smile on the athletes’ faces to hear that kind of praise when they are working so hard.

I remember the day well, but what stood out for me was following Stephen’s family and making sure we were in certain spots on the run to cheer him on to keep him moving forward. This was a bucket list goal for Stephen and there was no way he would EVER give up, and we were there to help give him that extra energy. We were “Team Crossland.”  After hours of cheering, we stood at the finish line, celebrating athletes, giving high fives, taking in the energy, and seeing all the different finish line celebrations. Athletes danced, a few rolled on the ground and over the finish line; some stood there for a moment and just took it all in; others collapsed or flew across the line with their arms wide or kneeled on the ground to show their gratitude.

Stephen came around the corner looking strong and proud. He said to me at the start of our coaching that he wanted to do these races and train to inspire his family; well, I can tell you this intention was 100 percent achieved. Seeing the emotion and just how proud each family member was of him was something I will never forget. Stephen Crossland is now officially an Ironman. He achieved his bucket list goal, while also being an inspiration to his family. Being on the other side of the fence gave me a different perspective and opened my eyes up to what I want in my life moving forward, what I value most: quality, equality, love, compassion and community.

As I mentioned at the beginning, trying a different perspective creates the opportunity to see things you may have missed. I have to admit that once in a while in life there may be a perspective or two you wish you could ignore, and this is ok, too. Acknowledging that is being true to yourself and taking care of your heart and soul. So challenge yourself to be on the other side of the fence every once in a while, see those different perspectives, and grow as a human with much love and compassion for yourself and the world.

And always be gentle with yourself. If you need time to see a certain perspective that is okay— your heart is important and loving yourself is the most important thing of all.

Dream big,

Fearless Warrior

Trout Taylortriathlon